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2019-07-16 22:39:32
University of Utah
Postdoctoral Research Associate
The team of the Chen Immigration always prepared the documents such as the letter drafts and petition within their promised response time. They also replied to my questions very quickly, mostly within a day or less. You can trust their procedures for preparing the I-140 application, and things will just work out nicely. I have recommended Chen Immigration to several of my friends, and I will still do so in the future.
2019-07-15 19:01:41
It was nice to work with this firm for my I-140 application. They were very quick to provide response to my questions. I appreciate their professional help throughout this process.
2019-07-14 20:23:49
Iowa State University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
It was really nice to work with Chen Immigration Law firm for my I-140 application. They were very quick to provide response to any questions I had. I would like to thank them for their excellent professional help!
2019-07-14 00:32:10
PhD Cadidate at University of Texas at El Paso
I was a nice experience to work with Chen immigration law firm for my I140 application. They were always very helpful in responding to my questions with precision in a timely manner. I would like to thank them for their diligence and professional work!
2019-07-14 00:14:06
Rutgers University
Postdoctoral Fellow
It was great pleasure to work with the NAILG. They are very professional, dedicated and responsive throughout my entire EB1A application process. I would like thank Victoria Chen and her team for their all efforts and helps. I highly recommend the NAILG for EB1A.
2019-07-11 17:56:16
University of South Carolina
PhD Cadidate
You may go North, South, East, or West,
You will find Chen Associates as the best.

Relying on Chen Associates for my EB2 NIW immigration petition was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I must admire their professionalism, case presentation strategy, efficiency, timeliness, and communication. Like many of my friends, I am extremely happy with their incomparable services.
2019-07-11 10:33:27
Mayo Clinic
Research Associate
I'm so happy that I selected Chen Immigration & Attorneys to file my petition. They are professional, organized, patient and hard working. They have a detailed work timeline and you always clearly know where you are and what you'll do. It's a very pleasant experience to work with Chen Immigration & Attorneys. I highly recommend them to you if you're filing your petition.
2019-07-11 01:50:37
Research Associate
Needless to say, Chen Immigration & attorney's are a prominent name in the market and the top choice for many clients, particularly on EB1-EB2 categories. They are thorough and perform their job in the best possible way. However, what I appreciate the most is their responsiveness to my questions. I signed a contract for I-140 but whenever I had any question beyond the scope of 140, they kindly answered them within a day very detailed and precisely.
2019-07-10 17:00:24
University of Texas at San Antonio
Postdoctoral Fellow
Very responsive people. They are able to catch even the smallest detail in an I-140 application. I just got mine approved and will proceed to do the I-485 with them too. I am very satisfied.
2019-07-10 14:26:57
Georgia Southern University
Visiting Assistant Professor
I had a great experience with Chen Immigration Law Firm. They are very quick in the documentation process, highly experienced and very responsive.