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Please rest assured that the pandemic generally does not affect our capacity to handle your case. Currently, we are still preparing cases efficiently and effectively following the timeline set in our retainer agreements.
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5919 2021-03-01 19:01:28
The services from Chen Immigration Law Associates are excellent . The team is very professional and helpful, I am very happy on how they processed my application .
5919 2021-03-01 18:16:11
The services from Chen Immigration Law Associates are of high quality and professional. They recently helped me file EB1A that got approved quickly. They are also very responsive. I am very satisfied with their service and highly recommend it.
5919 2021-03-01 11:08:51
The service provided by Chen Immigration Law Associates in my EB1A and NIW application process is very professional. I recently just have both EB1A and NIW cases approved. I would highly recommend it for other petitioners!
5919 2021-02-28 10:34:55
University of Pittsburgh
PhD student
I am very happy with the service that Chen Immigration Law Association provided for my NIW petition. The team is highly professional and responsive.
5919 2021-02-26 17:47:31
University of Alabama
Assistant Professor
I'm very proud for choosing WeGreen for my EB1A petition. They respond very quickly and professionally even during the remote working period at pandemic. I would highly recommend you to choose its service!
5919 2021-02-26 15:04:13
Cleveland Clinic
Assistant Professor
I am delighted with Chen Immigration Law Association. They worked hard to help me secure an approved O1A visa within a time crunch to ensure my continued employment. Highly recommend
5919 2021-02-26 12:23:12
Assistant researcher
I would highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Association to all of my friends. They successfully helped me file EB2-NIW and later EB1A. They have a professional team. They even charge less than many other companies.
5919 2021-02-26 11:03:32

Postdoctoral Associate
I am very happy with the work of Chen immigration Law Associations. They are very professional, critical, and accurate. I highly recommend chen immigration to everyone who is looking for professional immigration attorneys. I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you!
5919 2021-02-26 10:52:27
R&D engineer
Extremely satisfied with the service, efficient reply, patience in answering questions and was helpful in many different kind of supports. Appreciate for it and highly recommend them!
5919 2021-02-25 11:02:57
Cornell University
Research Associate
I was highly satisfied with the service provided by Chen Immigration Law firm. I really appreciate the professional attitude and the attention to minute details regarding the RLs and the PL, that made the overall process very smooth. Keep up the good work!