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成功案例 NIW 獲准案例 (引用紀錄<10) EB1A 獲准案例 (引用紀錄<100)
獲准通知 EB1 獲准案例 (引用紀錄<50) EB1/NIW 獲准案例 (申請時間<30 天)
2018-05-06 11:31:08
SD School of Mines & Technology

I got the reference of NAILG from one of my friend and in future I won’t hesitate to do the same. They are quick in responding to your queries and many times I got the response within few hours, otherwise 24 hours is max. It is a team of expert with excellent understanding in highlighting your credentials. Personally, I like their confidence by offering “Approval or Refund” policy to their clients, for such a sensitive matter. I would certainly like to work with them for my I-485 processing.
2018-05-02 12:16:22
Postdoctoral researcher

Got my I-140 (no RFE) within 2 weeks after I submitted my application! Thank North America Immigration Law Group for your kind and professional service! I also retained it for my I-485 application.Attorneys of North America Immigration Law Group are super professional and nice! I usually got feedback on my questions within 24 hours. They did check my documents very carefully and ensure everything was correct. Super helpful! I would definitely recommend North America Immigration Law Group to my colleagues and friends who would like to apply for a GC.
2018-05-02 10:23:29
Postdoctoral researcher

I was referred by a colleague in the US to NA Immigration law firm for EB2-NIW after looking at my over 400 citations. With a continuous and quick support for NA, i was able to get approval in 3 months. The NA immigration law firm people know very well and exactly lead you to success based on your profile. They are really professional and thanks for their enormous support that I got approval of my I-140 petition.
2018-05-01 12:35:58
Assistant Professor in Communication

Preparing for an EB1B case was massive and stressful. Luckily, I had a group of experienced attorneys around my corner. My credentials were only moderate but we still managed to get I140 approval in 10 days with premium processing after filing to the Nebraska Center. Sincerely, I don't think I will make it without the help from the North America.
2018-04-30 22:19:37
Postdoctoral associate

My EB1A petition was submitted on Apr 16 and approved on April 16. And I received my notice today. Chen immigration law firm checked my material with 300+ citations and 17 publications. Very good experience with Chen's group! It's really a right choice to use Chen's group as attorney for I-140 petition.
2018-04-30 11:28:00
Lead Software Engineer

I have a PhD in Computer Science with 200+ citations. It's been almost a year since we filed our EB1A petition and I received my approval notice today. It's been a rough journey with an RFE with ambiguous demands. However, our attorneys drafted a remarkable response that eventually led to the prompt approval of my case. I strongly recommend North America Immigration Law Group to anyone pursuing their EB1 status.
2018-04-30 01:21:03
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Postdoctoral associate

I have received my approval notice for I-140 (NIW) last week. It took almost 7 months. I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. At the time of filing, I had 5 journal (3 of them as 1st author) and 2 conference papers and 130 citations. I was 3rd author in my most cited paper (100 citations). I really appreciate The North America Immigration Law Group for their professional help. I had a great experience working with them. They have always responded within 24 hours.They prepared the recommendation letters, author contribution letter and petition letter within their contract deadline. The drafts of those letters were very strong and convincing for my case. I did not need RFE. I will strongly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group to anyone who wants to file NIW petition. Several of my friends/colleagues also retained them and had wonderful experience with them.
2018-04-27 13:42:31
PhD student, RA from Iran,

It's hard to trust and find a law firm for obtaining green card specially people from academia. When I started to search there were tones of firms and I was lucky to hear about Chen from a friend. I can trust them and they are really professional, always ready to answer your concerns, and the best.

I worked with them for I-140 under EB2-NIW and I am hiring them for my I-485.
2018-04-26 17:27:25
Ph.D student, Research Assistant

Great experience with Chen immigration law firm. They guaranteed my case on the beginning and I revived my I-140 approval notice just a few days ago through NIW section.

They helped me to go through the preparation of filing I140 form step by step. They are always available for clarification and answering questions. Strongly recommended.
2018-04-26 15:10:53
PhD Student, Graduate Assistant

Thank you the North America Immigration Law Group!
My I-140 based on EB2 NIW was approved in 3 months and 5 days!!

Before working with the Chen Immigration, I contacted to a different law firm, which found my case not strong enough to apply for EB2 NIW. However, the Chen Immigration worked on the strong points in my case and made it successful!

The Chen Immigration team is very professional and very detailed on each document you submit. Also, they are very responsive to your questions!

I highly recommend the Chem Immigration Law Group to anyone who wants to apply for EB2 NIW!